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Polish Concrete Finish 

After your concrete is installed or is already existing, our team can arrive and apply our highly regarded service of a polish finish. With the best possible equipment on hand we can offer matt, mid shine, high gloss exposed or non-exposed and clear apoxy coat finishes.

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Concrete Installation 

We offer installation of concrete, this can be a big or small area you need covered such as streets and sheds. Our service can include prep work, getting the falls correct, doing water work for gullies. Equipment we use for this purpose would be diggers, tractor and trailer. Our wide selection of finishes we offer are brush, smooth, matted, pan and tamp.

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Ground Works 

Our wide rage of ground work services will help you get prepared. We specialise in preparing for concrete streets, pipe work, tar installation, drainage and paving slabs. Contact today to get your project started.

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